Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena

Hi !
So today i'm gonna tell you about dewa athena

Dewa athena is an annual event from osis sie 7. Dewa athena is a sport event
This year dewa athena held on 25 March 2017. It took 2 days in different week . on dewa athena there's a basketball , dodgeball, tarik tambang , gobak sodor competition.

The first day of dewa athena i came on 7 am i was a 'wasit' of tarik tambang.  Before tariktambang there's a basketball competition. Tarik tambang was begin at 11 am. After i finished as a 'wasit' in tarik tambang i just sit around and watch others competition until 2 pm then i go home.

The second day of dewa athena
I came late at 7.30 and sot around to watch some competitions. And then i start as a 'wasit' on 8 am . tarik tambangfinished at
10 am. Then on 11 am i decide to go home because i got another event at the same time.

Well that's all from me thank you

Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Learning From Nature

Learning  From Nature

What is nature ?
 it’s the phenomenon of physical world collectively. Including plants, animal, the landscapes and other features and products of earth. ( OXFORD DICTIONARY ) . and in my opinion nature is the environment around you like plants, animal or even it is can’t be seen such like air, for me it’s part of nature too.

What have nature done for me ?

Well, nature is a part of everybody’s life. Like  it has several or might be many benefits for us

                           Nature is a cure – have you ever heard ‘healing garden’ yes it’s a garden full of manicured lawns, blossom flower and a good air. I mean those things is a cure it’s like calm your mind , by seeing a good nature or green environment could make you forget the pressure or the task you haven’t done yet. Those things  are part of nature that’s why I think nature is a cure

                       Nature’s soothes – yes nature’s soothes us. Like if you are stress or feel under pressure you can soothes / relax in nature. You just can come to the good environment , example flower park , pet park , or just a cafĂ© in the hill to have a good air that you haven’t got in the city .  It’s like natures absorb your cortisole hormone and stimulate the brain to release endorphine to make us happier.(Wikipedia)

                        Nature’s restores – yep, nature could calm your mind , gives us positive moods , psychological wellbeing and meaningfulness (Wikipedia )

                         Nature’s connect – in this case what I mean about ‘connect’ is like having a great bond with the unity , example people who lived in green environment have such a good feelings or even stronger feelings in unity with neighbours.

What I have done for nature ?

I think there’s something  I done for nature , in a good ways of course . example one fine morning in Sunday I helped  my parents gardening. My mum and dad planted some flowers and some herbal medicine such as ginger , bitel , ginseng or just some vegetables like celery , spinach , and lemon. I think it’s a little bit disgusting for me to dig the soil and put the seeds inside the soil. But at the end I like it and the benefit is we can pick it every time we want . but i  think gardening is good for me like work out and calm your mind too .

Great hope for a better nature ?
As we know nature gives us so much benefits and my  hope for nature is that people realize how important nature is for us , for our life. And together let’s care and protect our nature. 

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017


Hi, i am back again. Now i will tell you about someone that helped me and  i owe them.

the first one i want to write is my sister, sometimes she's so rude and we fight into some trivial things. but of course i love her as my sister. first, i owe her everything she helped me to solve problems such as if i had an argument with my mum she will be the neutral one and she'll be a mediator. and one day i forgot to bring my pocket and of course i forgot to bring my money. i call her to lend me some money , lucky me she lend me her money. but i felt guilty to her because the day before i didn't lend her my money because i left my money in my room and i only bring 10.000 . i owe her if she's not lend me her money how could i go home? i owe her too because of her kindness to help me done my task. she teach me how to solve trigonometri , vektor , chemistry , etc.

the second one is my close friend. it was au,sabe,sheldu,nadhtur, wulan and tasya. they're a good friends for me. we are happy together and we support each other when the other was in blue. i owe them so many things, i can't mention it because it's too much and just some trivial things but it matters for me. like if i am too lazy to go to bazaar i can trust them to buy me some drink or food. after all they're such a good friends for me.

the third one is agys, he's my classmate. he's kinda kind too. i owe him because of AVATAR KORRA. i've been searching for avatar korra in vertex or even in internet. when i was in holiday i watched avatar the last airbender, then i become like to avatar TV series. i asked my friends if they have avatar korra ( the next tv series after avatar the last airbender ) but none of them have it. Luckily on that day i asked him, and yes he have a file of avatar korra. i thank him . so yes he will give the copy of avatar korra to me. after all he's a good friend too.

well, i think they're who helped me and i owe them. so that's all from me. thank you

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017


hi, so today i am gonna tell you about my last holiday.

Everybody is excited to celebrate new year and welcome the new year of 2017
and so do i, i am so excited to welcome new year of 2017. right after i received my report card i planned everything i want to do.

The first week of my holiday i spent in bandung, i just like help my mum to cook some food , window shopping or have an experiment made my favorite food. i am really enjoyed my holiday time, like i can watch my favorite tv series or your favorite movies. in 2 weeks there's no homework , no task , and you don't have to wake up at 3.30 am in the morning.

I usually get up at 5 o'clock after did what i must to do i usually drink a hot milk or a glass of infused water. at 7 i helped my housemaid to clean the house or if there's nothing to do i can start my morning routine. i usually did my morning routine 3 times a week like exfoliating your body skin and mask your tired face. yeah, girl things.

After that of course i took a bath and helped my mum to cook for lunch, simple things like cut the onion or fry the chicken or maybe just wash the vegetables. but sometimes me, my mum and my sister hang out too, just have a good lunch together or go shopping at the mall.

At the new year eve's at evening i have already prepared my stuff that i will bring when i am in Salatiga. my parents planned to go there to visit my grandpa. at evening we hang out, we eat our favorite food at our favorite restaurant. it was a warm and cozy night.

On 1st january 2017 we're on our way to Salatiga. FYI, salatiga is a town near Semarang. well, it tooks at least 8 hours. at 3 pm i arrived there, i cleaned up my body and decided to take a rest. at night we went out to buy some food. my dad and i bought wedang roti and ayam bakar for our dinner.

Tomorrow at 8 am we went to my grandpa house, it was in "Ngromo" village it's quite hot there and yes i sweat a lot when i was there. at 3 pm we go home in salatiga , and the happiest part is we have a nice culinary night, we were still up until 11 pm and we talked about many things while we're eat.

On tuesday we went to semarang, we went to bandeng juana to bought bandeng . and of course we try our favorite food. it's lumpia semarang, you must try it! it taste delicious and we eat rujak cingur , rujak buah , es kolak , es bubur telo and es rumput laut too at the same time.

We planned to go to magelang and jogja but my parents still have affairs in salatiga. so day by day passed and we failed to go to jogja and magelang. but i think we're having so much fun here. it's not a big deal for me. and yeah we're back to Bandung.

Well, that's all from me,thank you

Minggu, 04 Desember 2016


Hi! I am back again to write my experience when I was in RINDAM for LDKS.

it was on 29th September-1st oktober 2016. on 27th we had a technical meeting in our old hall. honestly I don't fell that excited to go to RINDAM, I don't like being yelled with our senior I don't like if I must  run into the bathroom because we're running out of time.

on 29th September we gathered at rindam, after that we had a briefing in MUNDINGLAYA hall. then we moved to our rooms , I was in mundinglaya 3 . it was little bit hard for me to run because i bring a suitcase instead of backpack. as soon as i choose my bed , i sleep  next to tasya and i decided to share the cupboard. when the lunch time we must eat like table manner , no twang , no talking to each other . everytime we eat always be like that. after that we prayed dzuhur and got a briefing about .... i forgot i'm sorry.

about 9-10 pm we must go to sleep , i can't sleep tightly because i haven't took a bath yet. of course we can't took a bath. imagine you must finish your taking bath 1 minutes. so i decided to stay awake with some of my friends and sleep at 1 am .

today is 30th September , it was my birthday, imagine you had your birthday when you LDKS? like there's no favorite food , no favorite movies , no hanging out with your fams. ok at 9am we had our breakfast , just like lunch we must apply the table manner. after that we gathered at mundinglaya hall to have some materials . at 12 am we do a PBB , PBB is how we make a line, etc.  after that we prayed dzuhur and have lunch . after lunch we continue PBB and about at 4 pm we prayed ashar . after that we must dressed up and prepare to dinner and pray maghrib . after pray maghrib we read al-quran . and at 8 pm we go to sleep because it was power failure. i am little bit excited because tomorrow at 12 we go home.

today is 1st October ,  i can't wait to go home. at 7-8 am we had our breakfast after breakfast we played outside , and at 11 am we had a rehearsal for closing ceremony. when the time comes, at 12 am we had a closing ceremony and after that we tidy up our things and we can go home.

i have never been this excited to go home just to take a bath . but so far it teach me to be more discipline and more adventurous

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016



Smallest warm blooded vertebrae?
smallest bird?

Hi! today i'm going to tell you about THE SMALLEST BIRD AND WARM BLOODED VERTEBRAE on earth.

guess what?

what's bee hummingbird?

well, bee hummingbird ( Mellisuga helenae )  is the smallest bird and the smallest warm blooded vertebrae. Bee hummingbird is endemic to the entire Cuban Archipelago. With a mass around 1.8 gr and 5.7 cm length. it's a smallest living bird.


The male bee hummingbird has the green pileum and fiery red throat, iridescent gorget with elongated lateral plumes,bluish upper parts , and the rest of the underpants mostly greyish white

the female bee hummingbirds are bluish green with a pale grey underside. During the mating season ,males have a reddish to pink head, chin , and throat. The female lays only 2 eggs at a time. The breeding season is from March-June.

Their nest is only 3 cm deep and 2 cm wide

Well, that's all from me. hope you like it! Merci!


1. what's bee hummingbird latin name?
 a. Mellisuga helenae
 b. Allium cepa
 c. Panthera tigris
 d. Hibiscus rosasinensis

2. which archipelago does bee hummingbird endemic to?
b.Canadian arctic
c. Cuban
d. Lucayan

3. what's breeding ?
a. reproduction that is producing of offspring, usually animals or plants
b.  an animal that hunts , kills , and eats other animals
c. a linear network of links in a food web
d. a class of individuals having some common characteristics or qualities; distinct sort or kind.

4. how many eggs does the female lays at a time?

5. which one who the rest of the underpants mostly greyish white?
a. male
b. female
c. the baby
d. the predators   

6. what makes this bird is different from the other birds?
a. the life cycle
b.the diet
c.the size
d.the habitat  

7. warm blooded is a central feature of?
a. aves
d. aves and mammals   

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016


welcome again to my blog
now i and my friend are going to promote a classic dish
guess what?

this dish called pancake
it costs 8.000 rupiah without ice cream
and 10.000 rupiah with ice cream

if you want to know the details, go check out my brand new video